Ten-Second Takeaway

This monsoon, we’re planning a quick getaway to Gholvad to stay in a beautiful Parsi bungalow, and have local Parsi cuisine, minutes away from a beach. Also: visit a chikoo farm.

Farm, Relax And Eat

The homestay and the home-dining experience, which was started by Mumbai-based Authenticook, offers a unique chance for us to engage with the local Parsi community of Gholvad, stay in a gorgeous Parsi bungalow, and also get a chance to visit local chikoo farms. The three-course meals will be composed of local cuisine prepared by the home chef.

The Parsi food is available on request, so we recommend calling the group to block the weekend dates in advance.

What We Love


The authenticity and the chance to engage with locals, and of course Chikoo farming {bye bye vineyards}. Chikoo farming is done throughout the year, so we suggest anyone looking to try something different, give this a try. Apart from this, we’re planning on exploring the serene beaches of Dahanu and just soak in the freshness of the monsoon breeze.

#LBBTip: Check out the local market on Saturdays which runs till 12 pm, and shop for some organic fruits, and veggies.

Price: 2 people INR 7,000, 1 person INR 3,800

Photos courtesy :  Authenticook