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Seven Unique Brews In Mumbai Every Coffee-Lover Needs To Try Today

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Ten-Second Takeaway

If you love coffee as much as the Gilmore Girls {and we} do, and have a life-long dream of having a Luke’s in Mumbai too, then we’ve got your back. To commemorate our love for coffee at LBB and our tribute to every coffee addict out there, we have rounded up our guide of the most unique and hipster coffee in town. As Lorelai says, “I need coffee in an IV” and so do we.

Monsoon Malabar

Indigo Deli in Colaba has an extensive list of coffee they serve – all sourced organically from around India and the world. For the coffee addict, a fun fact, they have French press coffee – so if you like it bitter and dark, head here.

Our favourite is the delectable Monsoon Malabar – and it’s as tasty, musky and exotic as it sounds. The beans have been sourced from the Malabar coasts of South Indian coastline – and it offers a very neutral taste with the coffee beans continual exposure to the monsoon winds and rains – which makes them lose their acidity.

Price: INR 215


The Italians know how to drink their coffee – it ought to be black, bitter and strong. Zen Cafe, a coffee lovers hidden gem in Lower Parel – imbibes the Italian sentiment. Affogato is for anyone who loves to take on a coffee challenge – think of a cup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned with a shot of hot and steamy espresso. That’s it, the sweet and bitter combination with coffee flavours is to die for.

Price: INR 130

Siphon Coffee

La Folie Lab on Hill Road is the French escape we often take on – classic heavy eggy breakfast, exquisite croissants and coffee.

Though we love all the coffee selections there, our pick is the Siphon coffee. Its beans are brewed for at least 24 hours – so the beans lose its acidity and become neutral in its flavour – which is then served hot. It’s perfect for people who don’t like their coffee too bitter or too sweet.

Price: INR 140


Back to our oh-so French Suzette – who recently launched their garden cafe with organic goodies. Suzette really know how to do food and drinks – especially feeding our coffee addiction well. The nutel’latte is a rage – coffee brewed with nutella to give it a light, chocolaty texture. Having a bad day? Head to Suzettee and order a nutel’latte. Merci.

#LBBTip: We keep saying this, but their dark home-made hot chocolate has cheered us up on many a-low nights.

Price: INR 175


Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, if are known for anything is their art of brewing and roasting coffee beans. An obvious one on the list with not-so-obvious coffee. Interestingly, the coffee are listed under their bar section, at which point we’d like to point out, Stars Hollow couldn’t be near.

Cortado comes from the Spanish word ‘to dilute’ and that’s what it does. It’s made up of two shots of espresso and then diluted with 1.5 parts of warm milk – a revelation in itself.

Price: INR 130


They offer their a variety of brews, blends and coffee beans – so if you have a particular kind in mind, ask their Barista.