Six Of The Most Creative Ways To Sneak Booze Without Getting Caught

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Ten-Second Takeaway

We’re not telling you to do anything, but we are just casually letting you know that these awesome alcohol-hiding things exist in the world. #justsaying #festivalseason

Alcohol Pouch

This alcohol pouch is the invention you’ve been waiting for and an investment you will be thankful for. Wear under your pants, and fill it in 3/4th with the alcohol of your choice. Buy it here.

#LBBTip: It works {much} better for guys.

Price: INR 3,472


These 5 tampon holders carry tubes of alcohol, and are a necessity, aren’t they? Ladies, this is what you should look out for. Buy them here.

Price: INR 1,808 {with discount}

Sunscreen Bottles

Say no to sunburns and steeped booze prices with these empty sunscreen containers. Pour your liquid luck into this and glug away when the time is opportune. Buy it here.

Price: INR 795

Wine Bra

Well, your booze couldn’t get more hidden than this. Like most lingerie, costs a bit to get it, but we suspect it will come in use in the years to go. Buy it here.

Price: INR 4189

Alcohol Tie

Gentlemen, rock the casual chic look with this tie and when no one is looking, sip alcohol form it too. The question is can you handle being so dapper so drunk? Only thing is, you will have to order it with international shipping from the US site or ask a willing friend to get it for you. Get it here.

Price: Approx INR 1,770

Camera Flask

This one’s tricky: but attach a sling and you can pass this off as an enthusiastic photographer carrying his camera to the concert. Will store a good amount of alcohol, too. Get it here.

Price: INR 499


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