Gear Up: Carter Road In Bandra Will Have A Cycling Track By November

Nupur posted on 21 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

The traffic police have granted permission for a cycling track to be created on the scenic Carter Road stretch and here’s why we’re dusting off our cycling gear and heading there.

What Is It?

The 2.4km stretch starting from Otter’s Club and ending at Cafe Coffee Day on Carter road will soon have a track exclusive for cycling, according to a report in the Hindustan Times. In the wake of humans not looking at the real world, courtesy smart phones, this is great news. For those who still prefer walking instead of Netflixing all day and those who still prefer reading physical copies of books {boohoo, Kindle} rejoice – for there is still hope.

The trial run of the track will begin in November with curb stones or bollards marking the territory as of now. After repeated demands from Bandra residents, the project is finally coming to fruition.

So, We're Thinking...

We’re pumped up to juggle running, cycling and avoid traffic while working out. It’s great news for people around Bandra who can just pick up their cycles and give it a go. It’ll be great to have a bicycle renting service for those who don’t own one or for tourists to take in the scenery on a cycle at Carter road.