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Alibaug Plans, Anyone? A New Pizzeria Has Opened By The Beach At Mandwa Jetty


The newly-opened art cum food space Beach Box has welcomed a pizza place with Italian Crust so we decided to check it out.

Chow Down

The eatery is a small counter with Chandni Chowk chaat and Kiki as its neighbours. The menu is limited as of now but it’s only been 3 weeks or so, so we”ll give it some time. We ordered the peri peri pizza with onion {INR 220} and mind you, if you’re looking for chicken, you’ll have to give this one a skip. Blame it on our subconscious mind that relates peri peri to chicken. The crust was done well, shining in its existence without any chemicals and substitutes. Chicken lovers, pick up their smoked chicken variant, sprinkled with zatar {INR 280}. Pick up a Havmor ice cream to finish off the meal. In case you’re not comfortable with the idea of going to Mandwa just for the pizza, they also arrange live counters at parties, starting at INR 7,500.

So, We're Saying...

It makes for a great stop over if you’re heading to Alibaug or Kihim. Best time to visit? Evenings, otherwise all you’ll end up doing is crib, about the heat.