Ten-Second Takeaway

A home-stay on Airbnb in Dahisar West that’ll let you chill with the coolest mother-daughter duo, and its furry co-hosts is perfect for those craving some down-time.

Home Away From Home

‘Boutique Bombay Home’ as listed on Airbnb, Mumbai is our latest obsession and find. We had our first ‘love at first sight’ experience after catching a glimpse of this beautifully done-up bright yellow bungalow, with a living room that looks like a dreamy Pinterest post with it’s antique-y decor.

It’s run by Ranjana Patil, and her daughter, Krushnaa, who take immense joy in hosting guests, and showing them around. For the homesick travellers, this is the homestay we recommend: or even for those living alone in Mumbai and just looking for a homely break.

A large private bedroom is up for grabs via Airbnb costing INR 2,800 a night {you’re welcome}, with full access to the living room and terrace. They accommodate two guests at one time, and have a no-smoke rule in the house, but feel free to do so outside. We also recommend asking Ranjana to suggest some local dishes that you can cook in the shared kitchen, and take you to her favourite nearby tourist spot, the Kanheri caves.

What We Love


A holiday home where we can chill with a family and their beautiful dogs, to unwind from the city stress and chaos. Ranjana’s an enthusiastic host who will show her guests around if requested, and take special interest in their stories. They also have a really interesting book collection, so we suggest leaving yours behind, and pack light.

So We Think…

Book up our annual leaves, pack our bags and head over to this paradise to forget our city woes.

#LBBTip: Do it for the happy family of 4 German Shepherds that roam the bungalow. Oscar, his wife, Wilde {they’re apparently into literary puns}, their pup, Olive and an adopted Berry. These furry stars are super friendly, and lovable, and will host you to their furry paw-awesome licks and belly rubs.

To book, check out this Airbnb listing here.

How to get there: Pitruchhaya Bungalow, Damodar Mhatre Road, Behind Municipal Dispensary {Near Dahisar Western Railway Station}

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB