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Where to Have Breakfast All Day, Every Day

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Non-conformists to the T, we view strict timings for meals as a curb to creativity and will probably not respond too well if you comment on our eating waffles for dinner. {Probably. Just Saying.} When it comes to breakfast – give it to us any time, every time, all day, every day.

Hit up some of our most loved spots in the city where a platter of eggs and french toast will always welcome you with open arms.

Nut Cracker

Nested in Kala Ghoda, Nut Cracker is not just in one of the prettiest corners of the city, but its all-day breakfast menu is enough to make any breakfast-lover die and slowly melt away to heaven {and then come back to eat some more, of course}. Look out for their buttermilk pancakes and salli eggs. And while you’re at it, they also have an intriguing monsoon special breakfast where they are adding more to the classics such as the Jalapeno cornbread or a rendition to baked eggs with coconut curry leaf potatoes and chilli chutney.


Fable serves breakfast and books all day, and does it well at that. Have an Egg Decker {scrambled eggs on creamed spinach}, or an open breakfast foccacio sandwich with pesto and bocconcini melt on top, if you will. If continental has you bored, try the rice noodle upma or lamb keema ghotala as part of their local favourites.

Timings: For breakfast, 9am to 7pm

Ramanayak Udipi

Maybe you don’t find omelettes that eggstraordinary. Fear not, South Indian food couples up as breakfast items at any time. Although many know of Madras Café or Hotel Ramashray as their southern joint in Matunga, Ramanayak Udipi is one of our favourite places. What they make best: The Mysore Sada Dosa. Want to stick to breads? Have their grilled toast sandwich.

Indigo Deli

Cheddar cheese stuffed fried eggs for the those living life on the very edge, and couscous upma for the even more adventurous of them all, Indigo Deli caters to all breakfast enthusiasts. Their all-day breakfast menu is not expansive, but everything they do offer, they offer it well.

The Bagel Shop

We could not do a breakfast piece and then leave out bagels. That would just be wrong. Bandra’s beloved bagel shop is a lovely place to either sit at and mull over life’s mysteries or quickly pick up a cream poppy bagel on our way to a meeting. Sausage lovers, look no further than here. Those sticking to minimum calories can opt for scrambled oats with cream cheese, tomatoes plus one bagel. Say you’re not hungry and we won’t believe you.

Smokehouse Deli

Smokehouse Deli has one of the longest breakfast menus that we’ve read. Eggs, bagels, cereal, fruits, croissant or muffins, think it and you should be able to have it on your plate here. We absolutely love their poached eggs with french fries, cheddar cheese and roasted peppers. Add baked beans and bacon to the side and you will crumble with satisfaction.

#LBBTip: They’re open till one in the morning so if you want to splurge on a midnight breakfast fare after a crazy night out, keep this deli in mind.

Grandmama’s Café

Your grandmother always told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She’s probably going to be slightly offended that you passed hers over to go and eat it outside, but it’s worth the mild reprimands for this grandmama’s cinnamon toast {with salted caramel sauce} and nutella french toast. Add to that a tea of your choice, and you’re sorted.