#LBBLoves: Get Knitted Replicas Of Everything From People To Popsicles

    Rene posted on 14 January

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Our newest find on Instagram, Thewhitepinwheel, works with yarn to make crocheted and knitted stuffed toys that have a piece of our heart.

    Siblings In Arms

    Neeta and Namrata {from Arunachal Pradesh} started arugurumi, the Japanese art of knitting, as a hobby but people like us set their eyes on these delish things and wanted a piece.

    When nobody stopped at one knitted sushi platter, the sisters decided to turn their hobby into a small business – today, they’re shipping these cuties all over the country.

    Yarn-ing For Heartfelt Gifts?

    We’re suckers for handmade stuff and nothing gets more intimate than a special something that’s knitted just for you. Squishy plushies of all kinds and mug warmers with little bows…Omg!

    We’re stoked that they’re open to customising gifts based on what bae/mum/doggie/upset bestie likes too {knitted pizza? yes? yes?}.

    Be Someone's Secret Santa

    These knick knacks kind of complete the picture with the Christmas tree, hot chocolate, fairy lights and greeting cards. But don’t have unrealistic expectations here. The sisters work on individual orders with patience and love so leave a 15-20 day buffer between placing your order and {batting your eyelids} and expecting delivery.

    The prices, we’re told depend on the complexity of the product and the size of the order, but to give you an idea, they are priced between INR 150 – INR 1,000.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Our nani-dadis ace the knitting game and we’re going to introduce them to arugurumi when we visit them next. For now, we’re ordering replica dolls for our family instead of a boring old family photo. Keepsakes forever. 

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