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Don't See Red: This Subscription Box Will Make Periods Less Painful

Bhavika posted on 21st September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Being Juliet is a subscription service for women, which home-delivers all the necessities during that time of the month, when cramps and grumps are the mood of the hour.

What Is This About?

Being Juliet gives us something to look forward to during the days when we need it the most. This is a subscription service which sends a parcel of sanitary pads, tampons or panty liners. They also throw in little gifts such as soaps, scarves, sweets – anything they can do to make us more comfortable and happy.

You can choose between three types of subscription packages. Each package allows you to customize your sanitary essentials for up to 20 items. Choose between a selection of sanitary pads, tampons or panty liners. {They keep all the popular brands as options for one to choose from.}

We just have to key in our period details {however irregular}, and the box should arrive 5 days before the ordeal begins.

So, We’re Saying…

As PMS doesn’t quite mean Purchase More Shoes {alas}, we will definitely be trying out their Juliet service so that there’s something to look forward to that time.


You can also choose to gift a box to a fellow friend in need.

Price: Starts at INR 900 for 3 months. There are three types of subscriptions by the names of Jane, Juliet and Jade. Check here to see the details of each plan.

Being Juliet

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