What To Buy At Wayword & Wise, The Best-Curated Bookshop In The City

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Wayword & Wise

Fort, Mumbai

Strategic House, 44, Mint Road, Fort, Mumbai



Bookshop Wayword & Wise, which opened its doors to book-lovers in Mumbai in October 2015, might just be the most thoughtfully curated bookshop in the city.

Why Should I Go?

A lot. The Ballard Estate bookshop, located a five-minute walk away from CST, sells around 7,000 books, which were selected carefully from over three lakh books by the shop’s owner, Atul Sud, and its curator, Virat Chandok.

This bookshop is ideal for a book-lover looking for something extra. If you’re tired of Flipkart and Amazon, and have forgotten what it’s like to actually discover a new book in a beautiful, hushed bookstore, head here. Their fiction aisle – which stretches across the length of the store – includes both Helen Fielding and Paul Auster.

What Should I Buy?

We loved their food section the most. Besides including the classics by Pooja Dhingra, Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain and others, we spotted Jerusalem: A Cookbook {INR 4,500}, a culinary exploration of a land which is a melting pot of Muslim , Jewish, Arab, Christian and Armenian communities.

For the music lovers, check out their copy of the Kurt Cobain Journals {INR 1,372}. This collection of writings and drawings by the musicians includes revealing poetry, doodles and heartfelt letters sent to other musicians. There’s also a lot for graphic novel lovers – we were dazzled by their copy of Aya: Love In Yop City {INR 1,297}, the final three chapters of the French Aya story, episodes never before seen in English.

We also enjoyed their selection by Pushkin Press {a publishing houses whose works are rarely seen in Mumbai bookshops} such as Journey Into The Past by Stefan Zweig {INR 550, and The Monocle Guide To Better Living, a collection of writing, reports and tips on simply living a better life {INR 4,254}.

So We're Saying...

Wayword & Wise is a bookshop for the discerning reader whose looking for titles they would never discover on a Flipkart or on an Amazon {not organically, at least}. Their collection is thoughtful, thorough and diverse. We suggest you spend a day here, browsing and finding your next favourite book.


The curator, Virat Chandok, will recommend new books to you on the basis of your three all-time favourites, so don’t forget to play this fun game with him.