Ten-Second Takeaway

Great food, fun vibes and a comic book reading room to suit any taste, Leaping Windows in Versova is becoming our favourite cafe in the city.

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Photo source: leaping windows

Photo source: leaping windows

Leaping Windows is a gorgeous cafe which occupies two floors and a cosy little basement in Versova. The ground and first floor house the quirkiest cafe in town with comic strips painted on all their walls. Yet, the beauty of the place lies in its basement. It has a tiny reading room with pin drop silence {literally} and stands full of every comic book you can possibly think of. From DC and Marvel to Tintin and Tinkle, their collection is massive.

The reading room charges are minimal compared to what they have to offer. So whether you indeed are a comic book reader or not, this place shall both, enthrall and charm you {even the cushions have Batman and Superman on them}!

So We’re Saying…

The next time you’re in Versova, don’t forget to hop into this place to have some pipin’ hot potato wedges and then sit down to read your favourite comic book!