Cake Lessons: Master Cake-Making & Decorating With This Fantastic Online Service

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What Makes It Awesome

If you’re someone who loves making cake but hates not having them look professional and all prepped up, then this website might  be a great help. 

Cakeflix is an online subscription service which gives classes and lessons to make professional cakes and desserts and provides step-by-step guidance to decorate it too. They have an array of cake videos for you to choose from, for every occasion and every theme. You can learn how to make 5 tier cakes, wedding cakes, cartoon shaped cakes, flowerpots, shortbreads, cheesecakes, and even cakes shaped as delicate flowers!

We were amazed at how they broke down complicated looking cakes (the one where paint was falling off looked like a renaissance painting!) into simple, easy to do recipes. You get a trial period of 7 days on the website, after which you have to pay either for a pro or premium model. You can also pay per recipe (individual tutorials) and take a peep at their tips and tricks to start a legitimate baking business.


Stock up on some powdered sugar before you start with this service, as your regular sugar won’t be suitable.