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Sit In A Park And Learn To Play The Guitar For Just INR 1,500 A Month

Shalvi posted on 05 January

What Is It?

A chance to learn to play the guitar while sitting inside a beautiful park. Unheard of? Well, sometimes, all it takes is just a bit of looking around. Guitarist Anuj Nandu teaches you how to work those strings every weekend, while you soak in the greenery around you.

Who Is It For?

For anyone who would love to learn to play the guitar. It doesn’t matter how old you are, all that you need is the passion to learn. Students need not invest in purchasing a guitar right away as Anuj offers his spare guitars to get a hang of the instrument.

Why Should I Go?

Because it’s 2017 and it’s time to cultivate a new hobby. Anuj is trying to usher a new concept of open space learning. Which means that he takes his guitar classes at Maheshwari Udyan, Kings Circle, and believes that learning in an open space is not just refreshing, but it makes learning the guitar a more fun and an interesting experience.

How Do I Sign Up?

The classes are held on weekends, thus making a convenient slot in the tight schedule of busy Mumbaikars.

The fees are INR 1,500 per month, and you can sign up for these classes by writing to Anuj on or calling him on +919820077408.