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Let The Sparks Fly This Festive Season With These Smooth Conversation Starters!


Ladies, let’s face it, the usual “Hi”, “How’s it going?” and “What’s up?” as conversation starters are so passé. So this festive season, Bumble and LBB are here with an interesting take on strengthening your dating app game to help YOU make the first move. Check out these sassy, tongue-in-cheek one-liners, inspired by Bumble’s in-app conversation starters, that are sure to get you giddy and in-love this festive season.

For Ms Peace & Love

If finding someone thoughtful and kind is your number one priority, try this opener to work out if he’s the right guy for you, “How do you bring out the light in others”.

For Ms Rom-Com

We know you hear those wedding bells ringing and have penned down your guest list already. Here goes a line for you (and it’s very appropriate for this time of year too!)- “When was the last time you felt fireworks”.

For Madam Workaholic

Excelling at work and achieving trophies that you’ve run out of space to flaunt them? You’re a total boss bee and you don’t have time for small talk. Why not try a succinct and to-the-point opener like, “How would you describe yourself in five words”.

For The Wanderlustress

Find yourself dreaming away about the sun, sand and the sea? Drop a cue about it with a potential line such as this- “Hey! I’m looking for my next vacation. Am open to suggestions for both the destination and the company.” May be this match will be the right catch for that vacay...who knows?

For Ms Introvert

Loud parties and crowded spaces got you cranky? Test your compatibility with your match and start with something like this, “Describe your ideal Friday night”. You can quickly identify if he’ll join you on the couch for order in and movies or if you’re best leaving him to his crazy weekends on the town.

For The Flirt

In all honesty, who are we kidding? There’s nothing wrong with being the first one to approach, after all, Bumble is all about making the first move! So ladies, up your sassiness and go with, “What personality trait gets you most in trouble”.

For Ms Creative Bee

Trust your instincts and make judgments based on what your heart says. Looking for someone to be your creative partner in crime? Put him through his paces and try this, “If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title be”.

For Ms Animal Lover

You’ve seen in your match’s profile pictures that he’s into dogs (yesss!) and it looks like he has a cute pooch of his own. Share your love of animals with the fur friendly opener, “I’m not sure who I’d be more excited to meet – you or your dog".

For Ms Foodie

You’re always on the lookout for the latest restaurant openings and new foodie spots. Test your match’s knowledge of all things up and coming with this line, “What’s your new favourite pizza spot, I’m always looking for new places.” After all, you can’t go wrong with pizza on a first date.

For Ms Shopaholic

It’s that time of year, the Diwali discounts are hitting the shops and you ladies who love to shop are the first ones there. Show your love for the finer things in life with this opener, “What’s the first thing you buy when the discounts hit”.

We told you we’ve got your back! Gurrl, get your swiping game on now. All you’ve got to do is open up Bumble and let the cookie crumble. But seriously, it’s time to take the lead on your dating lives. Leave behind those boring pickup lines and get real with these conversation starters. Cheers to all the dates you’ll have next week!

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