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This Is Mind-Blowing: This Desserrt In Mumbai Actually Levitates In Mid-Air

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Masala Library in BKC is famous for following the tradition of presenting food in a unique way using ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ or ‘Deconstruction’ of food. Although every dish in their menu has a surprise element, the way they serve their Belgium Chocolate Truffle is something definitely worth trying.

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The truffle is served in an authentic Belgian way with the outer crust of the chocolate truffle extremely chilled and the inside, gooey. Light nitrogen fumes are added to make the presentation even more fantastic. Now let’s talk about plating, because that is what sets this dessert apart from any dessert you have had.

They use Quantum Levitation which actually keeps the chocolate truffle in the air when it’s served. Isn’t that super cool? The cold fumes coming out of the super-conductor helps to keep the structure and maintain the temperature at the same time. Hence, this is the perfect combination of science and food presented in a unique way.

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If you are looking to add some zing to your dining experience, you HAVE to try this. After the amazing meal {which Masala Library is well known for}, the levitating dessert will be a perfect end to your experience.