This Community Is Creating A Safe And LGBT-Friendly Space For Partying And Networking

    What Makes It Awesome

    Our society has definitely progressed and people have become more open to accepting people for who they are. But sadly, there’s still a lack of trendy, music-centric and LGBT friendly spaces. The reason why Tongue Twister is here to make that much-needed difference.

    Tongue Twister basically creates a safe party and networking space for LBT (Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) women. Believing in the fact that everyone should have the freedom to love and express themselves regardless of their sexual orientation, TT provides a platform to individuals, organisations, businesses and professionals to identify themselves as advocates of a more inclusive and loving society.

    Their mission is to fight the fear, ignorance and prejudice of the society and overcome these barriers by bringing the open-minded segments of the society together. This space will give people the freedom to express love, support and affection without the fear of being judged by others. Let the freedom to love prevail!


    If you are from the LGBT community or you just believe that LGBT people deserve equal rights to express love like any other human being, like their Facebook Page and stay tuned for updates about their latest events.