Start Your Day With Cheese Omelet & Keema Pav At Light Of Bharat In Dadar

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An Irani favourite in Dadar bang in the middle of Kings Circle, Light of Bharat has its lovers and haters – but we fall in the lovers’ camp. We explore why you should head there for breakfast.

What Is It?

Operating for the last 40 years, it is an old Parsi eatery full of tables with chequered table cloths carefully protected by an inch of glass.

Reza Saqi, the owner, sits on the counter and cheerfully asks you about the food. Enthusiastic about striking conversations, he’s passionate about seeing the eatery grow and likes seeing the guests leave with their stomachs full.

Chow Down

Their breakfast includes egg specials with bhurji containing chicken, tomato and cheese at INR 70 and omelette laden with chicken and cheese. Living healthy? They also serve an egg-white omelette made out of three eggs at INR 55. For those who like it meaty, we suggest you try their chicken kepsa biryani. It’s hailed for its authenticity. It can easily serve up to three people and we say it’s not a bad deal at INR 300.

The menu offers a variety of options that cater to every palate. There’s burgers and even momos on the menu. We suggest you sit back and order a bun maska with chai to drain out stress after a long day at work here. Head to Dadar beach after, for it only a five minute walk away from there.

Sip On

Apart from serving branded cold drinks, they make a mean fresh lime soda {INR 60}, Irani chhaas with herbs is served at INR 20 and you can have a glass of shikanji at INR 30.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re around the area strolling, do give Light of Bharat a visit. It transports you back to the good old times and the Marathi movie poster staring at you brings you back. Quite balanced, we say.