Ten-Second Takeaway

Ethnic arts, a small cane furniture shop on S.V. Road sells handmade cane items that will add that earthy feel to your house decor.

What To Buy

Mohammed Husain – the young, enthusiastic and friendly owner of the shop – started this venture a year ago. All the items sold are handmade and are made with utmost respect for design, he told us. Although a small establishment right now, he plans to expand his business in the near future.

The lamps at Ethnic Arts are something to look at. Sober and eclectic, the smaller ones start at INR 250. Our favourite are the tall floor lamps starting at INR 900 {open to negotiation} that provide the modern, eclectic and contemporary look to our room.The open, road-side store on S. Road besides the Bandra Jama Masjid, lights up the area even when the sun is long gone. You can see numerous twinkling lamps vying for your attention while you descend the highway on SV Road.

Ethnic Arts also has cane furniture that can be made on order. From sofa sets starting at INR 15,000 to cane swings starting at INR 3,000, the shop is the right destination for people who like their furniture easy and lightweight. They have cane baskets starting at INR 60. We even saw a Japanese fan lamp waiting to be picked up.

So We’re Thinking…

If you’re planning on buying an expensive lamp online, but squirm after looking at your wallet, please head here.

Price: Small lamps start at INR 250, medium-sized at INR 450, big ones at INR 900

Photos: Athul Prasad/LBB