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Line & Coconut

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What Makes It Awesome

Growing up in a house where art has always been integral to daily life, I've always personally been drawn to art, artists and their stories. It was while scrolling through Instagram that I stumbled across Line & Coconut. And it was genuinely love at first sight here. There was something about artist Sanjana Goenka's intricately detailed work that spoke to me.

Line and Coconut by artist Sanjana Goenka is about making art accessible, approachable, and available to more people. Her work is also extremely personal, in that it's linked to her own evolution as an artist and her own life experiences. So much so that the style of art Sanjana practices is deeply tied with her own mental health journey. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder, her style is detailed, requires a lot of repetitive movement and patience and is deeply influenced by her personal life. Due to her anxiety, her work focused on these intricate and slow movements which combined with a slightly eccentric streak stemming from Sanjana's imagination (something that immediately drew me to her work). Originally started with Zentangle, Sanjana's work is in constant evolution from structured to more abstract and colourful in recent times, something that's evolved over the years.

It's in detailed work that Sanjana shines, she tells us she's able to work on a particular art design for long periods, which allows her to repeat the same process for hours and days without tiring. You'll see this throughout Line & Coconut's bestsellers which include custom work, tattoo designs, phone cases, t-shirts and art prints. If you're looking to give someone a unique gift, Sanjana will work with you to create something that's unique to your relationship and that has emotional meaning. 

If you're looking to purchase merch with Sanjana's artwork printed on it, expect to pay between INR 500 to INR 2000. Tattoo designs will cost you INR 2,500 upwards and custom art, collages, etc starts from INR 12,000 upwards.


You can connect with Sanjana for custom art or gifting next time you have a special occasion. Hit the Enquire Now button to know more.