Home Needs A Makeover? Call These Mumbai-Based Interior Designers To Help You Out!

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If you’re planning to revamp your home or looking for someone to do the interiors of your new home, then check out these best interior designers in Mumbai to do the job for you.

Milind Pai Architects and Interior Designers

A graduate from Sir JJ School of Architecture, Milind Pai set up his firm in 1987 and since then they have done various projects from architecture to interiors in commercial, residential, retail, hospitality and institutional Sector. They also offer vastu consultancy.

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Jami Jambusarwala & Associates (JJA)

Jami Jambusarwala & Associates (JJA) is a leading interior designer and architect. The house was founded in 1972, and started at the very nascent of interior designing trends in Indian households. Jami Jambusarwala, an architect himself, focused on a seamless fusion of the forms of elements applied in designing but not taking emphasis away from functionality of interiors. Now into its fifth decade, the company still focuses on these core principles to go about its business.

JJA’s clientele includes a primary focus on Mumbai, but the company also operates in certain parts of India. It designs private households as well as holiday resorts and office spaces with a focus on modern appeal and ergonomic appeal. The company has a wide portfolio of talented designers, and its latest line of services also include Architectural Design where the company incorporates its expertise along with modern ideologies.

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The Ashleys

Two very talented individuals, Arbaysis and Pooja came together to form The Ashleys, back in 2004. Both with considerable experience in the field of designing, the duo came together to bring international appeal to designing in India. With focus on minute details and a wide range of customisations, The Ashleys look to create an impact by maximising space, laying out intricate details and make a difference.

The designs are timeless, and yet remain in line with present trends. They take cues from powerful visualisation that makes a place define itself by its design, something that global architectural designs often associate themselves with.

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