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Jayati posted on 09 September


Little Food Daily has finally launched its Bandra kitchen, and all the health-conscious folks out there can eat their heart out {without feeling guilty at all}.

Say Whaaat?

Little Food Daily is a food-delivery website started off by Chef Bhakti Mehta, and her team of chefs who work to create meals that are equal parts gourmet and healthy. They have daily dishes that are updated on the website, and once can choose from different global cuisines. There’s healthy and delicious salads, all-day breakfast, snacks, and other filling meals.

Chow Down

We love the wholesome bowls that are fresh, and guilt-free. There’s Pengang curry, tomato basil spaghetti, teriyaki chicken bowl, or even baked beetroot feta falafels. If you’re in at work, and are looking for a good breakfast meal, you can order in their scrambled eggs. Most of the meals are priced between INR 225 to INR 350.

The delivery works on three verticals- you can either directly place an order on the day, pre-schedule your delivery a day in advance or simply take up the monthly membership. For the monthly membership, you pay INR 499 per month and get a 15 per cent discount on all the dishes and beverages.

So, We're Saying...

Bandra folks, if you’re looking for healthy, tasty and wholesome meals, Little Food Daily is here to serve you.

Click here to order your meal.

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Delivery Services

Little Food Daily

Delivery Services

Little Food Daily