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Weekend Plans: Check Out This Restaurant For Some Amazing Food Options

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What Makes It Awesome?

These days, People visit many restaurants and clubs to enjoy food and sometimes drinks. Whenever you go out with friends, everyone wants to have a good and fun time. Chicken Lollipop is preferred among all age groups who love Non-Veg food. Well in this article we will see about Live it Up, Vashi! one of the places in Mumbai where you should definitely go with your friends and have fun.

We visited this place in February of 2019 and It was just an amazing experience. In this article, we will review all the attributes of this Restaurant/Club.

FOOD: This place has multiple food variety hence menu is filled with Veg as well as Non-veg food items. We ordered Chicken Lollipop, Schezwan Noodles, Schezwan Rice and Paneer Chilly. We have to admit that the Food is Good here. Every dish was amazing and tasty. You will find a unique taste in every item here. Food without any instructions is medium spicy and just perfect, but they follow the given spice instructions.

AMBIANCE: This place has a very good ambiance. As from the above picture you can see that this place has a very good dance floor and bar counter, other than that it also has a unique sitting arrangement and comfortable sits. Every wall in it is covered with some celebrity funny photos and also some unique funny sarcastic Quotes which will definitely put a smile on your face. Walls have Witty Quotes Like, “We have Beer as cold as your Ex-Girlfriend!” and “We have drinks as tough as your Boyfriend!”

SERVICE: This place has good service. The staff is good, polite and cooperative. Staff also has a good knowledge of their menu and hence will always clear your doubts about any items on the menu if any. Also, the service is very fast. Your food item will arrive depending on what you ordered but even though they don’t claim anything about the time when the dish will arrive, it will usually arrive in 15-20 mins maximum. Overall the staff is friendly and the service is great.

PRICE: The food is not very pricy and is affordable. The amount of quality and ambiance this place is providing in the price is just excellent. Which makes it a must place to visit by everyone. Also, you will get some good offers on food and drinks in Happy Hours.

REVIEWS: With our personal experience we can say that this is a great place to visit and you wouldn’t ever regret the experience.