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Do Yoga In A Treehouse & Listen To The Waves At This Gorgeous Gokarna Resort

    What Makes It Awesome

    Namaste Yoga Farm is a beautiful eco-resort and a yoga retreat immersed in lush greenery in Gokarna run by the husband-wife duo, Oliver and Luise. You can live in the beautiful villas or the tree houses, do yoga every day and just be at one with nature at the Namaste Yoga Farm.

    Located on a hill-top overlooking the deep blue Arabian Sea, it’s just a three-minute walk from the Kudle beach in Gokarna and promotes organic living and yoga practices. Expect meditation by the banyan tree early in the mornings, organic breakfast and serenity. Every single day, yoga classes are held in their garden deck area while you listen to the lashing waves from the seaside. In fact, they offer long yoga retreats as well depending on how many days, or weeks you’re looking at. They offer different kinds of accommodations depending on the needs of the visitor.

    To unwind, destress and just relax. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t do Yoga, the resort is a beautiful getaway in itself. It’s close to the beach, run by friendly people who’ll personally come and engage with you and offers a wholesome eco-friendly experience. You can listen to the birds chirping, walk alongside the colourful flowers around the resort or just read a book in your own treehouse. 

    Yoga Packages: Iyenger Yoga and Hatha Yoga (4 days, 7 days, 14 days and 21 days)

    Type Of Accommodation: Cottages (Classic Eco Cottage, Sky Eco Cottage, Holiday and Romantic Eco-Cottage); Rooms (budget room, ocean room and standard room); Treehouses (small treehouse and big treehouse. 

    #LBBTip: Every patron can attend the Hatha Yoga classes that happen twice a day as it’s included in booking.


    Not just a yoga retreat, but a place for people who’re looking for some quiet time by themselves close to the beach. Go with an open mind and come back tanned, rested and full of stories.