Nachos have been a rather kind gift to India from Mexico. In a pub and want to snack on something light and tasty? Cue nachos. But we love our nachos loaded and cheesy. There’s no better feeling than twisting our nachos with melted cheese and beans and dipping it into the salsa sauce for greater pleasure. Sticking to this philosophy, here’s our guide to the most loaded, cheesiest nachos in the city. If we missed any, hit us up in the comments.

Nachos Chicos, Sammy Sosa

Photo source: Sammy Sosa

Photo source: Sammy Sosa

This uber Mexican eatery in Oshiwara serves one of the most loaded nachos in the town. Forget the old Doritos, they make their own bad-ass nachos from scratch. These freshly prepared corn flour chips come loaded with melted cheese and a side of fresh and tangy salsa. If you like more than your cheese, find chili beans, chicken or lentil jalapenos as well.

Price: INR 299 upwards

Big Bang Nachos, New Yorker

Photo source: The New Yorker Restaurant

Photo source: The New Yorker Restaurant

The original New Yorker in town opposite Chowpatty, the nachos ooze cheese and beans. An upgrade to their classic New Yorker nachos, the Big Bang nachos come loaded with extra chips, more cheese, beans, ice berg lettuce, tomato chunks, jalapeno hunks and everything that sweetens the nachos deal. It’s big, more than filling and a bomb of an appetiser.

Price: INR 410

Nachos Palooza Vegetarian, Hard Rock Cafe

Photo source: Hard Rock Cafe

Photo source: Hard Rock Cafe

If Hard Rock’s pub food is anything to by {the famous HRC burger}, we are loving their nachos too. These fresh corn tortilla chips comes loaded with heaps ans heaps of cheddar cheese, mixed beans and served with sour cream that is mixed with chopped green onions and Pico de gallo. If you want to go a step further, and challenge yourself, add their famous south west chicken and be a happy satisfied nachos loving person.

Price: INR 509

Ultimate Friday’s Nachos@TGIF

Photo source: jeffreyw via Flickr

Photo source: jeffreyw via Flickr

Even if its not Friday, TGIF is the place to go for a bucket loads of loaded cheesy nachos. Apart from the delicious cocktails at TGIF and their old-school rock music, the ultimate Friday’s nachos are to die for, quite literally.

Made from corn tortilla chips that are then topped with two types of cheese {cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese} which is then mixed further with black lentils, green poppers, tomatoes, chilies served with sour cream and pica de gallo and if you’re in luck a dip of delicious guacamole. If you love meat, then add chicken or S75 stripes to indulge in a heavy meal.

Price: INR 499 {INR 575 with chicken}

Pulled Chicken Nachos, MRP- Modern Asian Bistro

Photo source: Hungry Dudes via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Photo source: Hungry Dudes via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

This fine dining restaurant in Dadar is a great place for getting your fix of good Japanese cuisine. But MRP doesn’t stop there, its pulled chicken nachos, are a meat lovers muse except you want to devour it there and then.

With a base of nachos, topped with pulled chicken strips and a little bit of melted chees thrown in for good measure, these nachos are served with three sauces, that is, black bean puree, jalapeno cheese sauce and pico de gallo.

Price: INR 260

Signature Nachos J, Ovenfresh

Photo source: Kitty Kaht via Flickr

Photo source: Kitty Kaht via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Popular with the regular nachos lovers, Ovenfresh comes out with flying colours scoring 10/10 with their signature nachos J. It’s a small bakery doubling up as a cafe so expect the place to be crowded often with waiting time that may take up to almost 15 minutes. But we like to have our nachos with an appetite and patience.

The nachos are topped with oodles and oodles of melted cheese, green peppers and served with a dip of salsa. They are enough to fill one person, and on a scale of cheesy to so cheesy, it’s definitely ‘oh my god cheesy’.

#LBBTip: Ovenfresh only takes cash so make sure your wallet holds the newly minted notes.

Price: INR 275

Grande Nachos, The Irish House

Photo source: jeffreyw via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Photo source: jeffreyw via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Irish House if known for anything is for getting the quintessential pub food right. We love the variety of beer that is served there {they serve Guinness for heaven’s sake}, the grande nachos are definitely our favourite in the city.

The corn tortilla chips come loaded with baked beans, Mexican cheese, jalapenos and fresh peppers. For your benefit, one may even add chicken or beef {the latter being a a class apart} to the nachos and live a happy blessed life. These loaded nachos come with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

Price: INR 395 upwards

Nachos Mezze, Boston Butt

Photo source: kaithedude via Instagram

Photo source: kaithedude via Instagram

The fairly recent Boston Butt believes in making their own chips. The chips are, therefore, homemade and authentic. They skip the cheese sauce and instead go for the real deal, melted Cheddar Cheese which are then loaded with portions of three types of home-made hummus to give it a neat finishing. Voila, your nahcos are ready to dig in.

Price: INR 400

Featured photo source: Kitty Kaht via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)