Looking For Vegetarian Food At An Affordable Price? Head Here Right Away!

    Borivali West, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    A pretty tiny place for casual dining located at shimpholi Borivali(W) is heaven for vegetarians. The place has pretty yellow lights all over and one tv screen so one can enjoy the live matches. It serves authentic food, fewer preservatives; yet, so delicious.

    We tried:

    Cheese Ball Canapes
    These easy bites are perfect for literally any occasion. These ultra creamy cheese ball bites practically melt in your mouth, they’re such a fun and unique snack.

    Thepla Tex Mex Tacos
    Thepla Tacos, the name speaks for itself. Here, a thepla is served in Tacos style with juicy, spicy paneer chunks and with other veggies.

    Mumbai Pav Bhaji Sizzler
    Indulge in Pav Bhaji Sizzler at Masala Mastee. The pav bhaji sizzler includes soft buns and masala bhaji with Tawa Pulav and this dish is an absolute treat to your taste buds.

    Peach Iced Tea
    It is the perfect summer beverage. Hope you’ll give it a try. Cheers!

    Gola ka Dhamaal
    Whoever came up with the ice gola, we have a lot to thank them for. Combine tangy flavours with icy syrups, and you have an irresistible dessert to slurp on.

    Double Chocolate Brownie Blast
    They’re fudgy chocolate in each bite. With little bursts of mini chocolate chips throughout. They taste like the best brownie you’ve ever had. Give it a try!

    Overall- It's was an amazing place, one should head to this place for delicious vegetarian food.
    Thank you :)

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Kids, Big Group
      Borivali West, Mumbai