A Great Place To Chill With Good Food And Music!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Why Lord of the Drinks when I don’t drink!
I was too curious to know what the lord has to offer for people who don’t drink!
Quite taken up by their Mojito Watermelon Twist, suggested by Mr Chang who served dinner for me and my sister that night. Very welcoming, he cleared our doubts as to what mocktail will be better. Why am I emphasising on the mocktails because Hey! It’s Lord of the Drinks.

Coming back to Mojito Watermelon Twist came with Mojito foam which apparently helps to condense the flavour. Honestly, I was stunned by how it looks like in a horn-shaped glass with some extra points for the foam! While my sister sat with a boring ice tea! I enjoyed my drink!

We also tried the Green Lust which is a mint based cranberry juice & honey topped with some banana foam!
I really liked the Strawberry Cooler, the twist of ginger made it really stands out from any other ordinary drink!
Coming to the food we ate, I did hear some negative reviews regarding the place as to how the food isn’t that great and it majorly focuses on the drinks but of course to believe it, you need to check it by yourself! By which I do not agree with the same since the food was the best part of the night.

We came to chill and hogging was not really the agenda, hence ordered some delicious Roasted Chicken Soup, which was really soothing, creamy and filling served with some garlic parmesan toast is a go to!
I never say no to Chicken Seekh and if it’s with Cheese who am I to ignore, Very well minced and properly cooked Malai Chicken Seekh Kebab served with some masala slaw is a total winner, chicken dinner!
We also ordered some vegetarian starters. Double dotted being Chefs Recommendation, we ordered the Honey Chilli Potato Cheese Shots, honestly I don’t remember if I was clearly eating Potato or Cheese, I would have rejected it, if the potato were half cooked, but honestly both the major ingredients blended so well with the honey chilli flavours, it let me nothing but a happy tummy/face, whatever you’d like to say!
Bored of the usual Mac & Cheese, we ordered some Creamy Pesto Penne, now we have our new favourites in pasta, Pesto it is. Recommended.
We were really full with the whole tummy loving starters, we skipped the main course and thought to pay yet another visit for the same. But we couldn’t leave without the desserts, confused between the Nutella Banana Bruschetta seemed something different, but dint we really didn't want to a take a chance with Banana & Nutella together, I’m not sure how does it even taste. Have you ever tried Banana & Nutella together ever? Tell me in the comment section, as to how do you like it/ don’t like it. Coming back to our desserts we ordered the next best thing suggested by Mr Chang, Milk Cake Pie, he was a hundred per cent sure, we’d love it and guess what, We Really Did! The Milk Cake Pie was amazing to taste, it’s a lump of baked milk cake on a crispy milk pudding, I’m definitely visiting again for their good, welcoming service, food and of course The Milk Cake Pie!

Overall love the place, the ambience, music and food. It’s a great place to chill!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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Big Group, Bae