Pet Parents, This Gadget Will Track Your Dog's Location And Fitness


Has your dog ever pulled a ‘Runaway Bride’ on you? We have found you a solution so that you don’t have to print ‘Lost Dog’ posters.

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Describing itself as a small, light, and comfortable device which tracks your dog’s location and activity, Wagr is definitely going into our shopping cart. The device fits on your dog’s collar and lets you keep a track of his/her location and fitness, real time. Available in four colours, you can match it with your dog’s collar.

Linked to the Wagr app, you can sit at the office and know what your pooch is up to. The app enables you to find pet salons, pins you walk reminders and lets you connect with fellow pet parents too! The first lot of Wagr has been sold out but you can give them a shout here and they will inform you when it’s restocked. Cost? Around INR 7,000.

So, We're Saying...

Quit being anxious about your baby’s whereabouts, especially when they try to pull a runner during a walk.