Don’t Bake By The Ocean: These 5 Lotions Will Protect Your Skin

Skincare is of utmost importance, especially when you live by the sea. Even an hour under the sun can cause problems which last for months. Pair it with the sand and salty air and you got yourself damaged skin. Here are some lotions we swear by when we’re used to living by the sea!

Greenberry’s Day and Night Lotion

Greenberry Organics

Available on LBB

We swear by Greenberry when it comes to protection against the sun. With ingredients like Mango, Shea Butter, Almond and Jojoba Oil, your skin will not only be protected but also pampered. It has an SPF of 40+ which means that your skin stays protected even in the harshest sun.

Price: INR 564

Mama Earth’s Ultra Light Indian Sunscreen


Mama Earth curates skin care keeping the Indian skin in mind. Its sunscreen helps tremendously with the harsh summer weather and also doesn’t let your skin go dry. With all-natural ingredients and no harmful additives, you’re bound to carry it in your daily kit.

Price: INR 449

Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion


Amrutam’s skincare products are special because of the ayurvedic ingredients. This lotion has the goodness of over 8 such ingredients full of therapeutic properties. It works well as an anti-ageing solution and also reduces tan.

Price: INR 785

Daughter Earth’s Eternal Youth Phytonutrient Moisturiser

Daughter Earth

Available on LBB

All products by Daughter Earth provide easy care for your body and hair. They don't fool around with elaborate promises and deliver exactly as promised. This moisturiser works wonders for sun-damaged skin and makes it look visibly healthier and happier.

Price: INR 1,250

The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Body Lotion

The Nature's Co

Cucumbers are a natural remedy for burns: it has a healing effect on the skin. Nature’s Co’s Cool Cucumber Body Lotion will help relieve redness and sunburn when you’ve been out for too long. We recommend you pop it in the fridge for a few minutes before applying. 

Price: INR 725

Bonus: Forever Earth’s Light Lotion Spray

Forever Earth Skincare

Always forget to apply lotion and then regret it when your skin is struggling outside? This quick lotion spray is just the solution. Filled with the goodness of Yarrow and Avocado, spray it quickly for a light cover on your skin and you’ll be all moisturised and set for the sun in seconds. 

Price: INR 995