Love Camping? Then This Spot Just Two Hours Away From Mumbai Is Where You Need To Be

Morbe Dam

What Makes It Awesome

Tired of the weekday workloads? In need of a refreshing weekend to unwind? Try camping somewhere underneath the starry sky, and a nearby lake. On Saturday afternoon, I and my friends had planned a lakeside camping trip at Morbe Dam in Karjat. We reached Karjat at 4pm in evening and had some snacks there. We had booked a private auto {tumtum} so that we can search for a nice place to put our campsite. We saw many such spots and finally, when sunset approached we got our perfect spot for pitching our campsite. The place was near the lake and had a great view of the lake. We pitched our tents and had some more snacks. We had even collected some dried sticks on the way so we can make a campfire. We did lit a campfire, played some nice and calm music and shared our thoughts. It really was a cool camp destination. Then we cooked our dinner which was Maggi and we enjoyed it while basking in the warmness of the fire. It was gonna be dark in some time so we all sat on the ground and watched the starry sky, told scary stories, but it was fun. Sleeping under the beautiful starry sky is everyone's dream and camping can get that off your bucket list. We even saw the sunrise in the morning and realized that the spot we had selected was really beautiful. Before returning we also had a refreshing bath in the Morbe Dam, had some nice talks with the nearby villagers. I must say it quite a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. We had taken our tents, kitchen necessities, food for lunch/dinner, snacks for munching throughout the trip. So I would suggest taking them with you. It can even be bought on rent. I would suggest taking mosquito repellent creams along because it's a lake and insects are there for sure, don't crib though. Also, don't litter garbage over the place you put up your camp! Enjoy more in the beauty of nature.

What Could Be Better?

Absolutely nothing.

What's My Pro Tip?

Reach Morbe Dam before sunset and find your camping spot so it'll be good to set up the tents and all. Even try asking the nearby villagers for such spots. The villagers are very kind and generous peeps.

Anything Else?

The place we had put the camp is just amazing. You can find such spots across the dam. Try making food by yourself as cooking at a campsite is fun. Enjoy every moment you spend there and remember to not pollute the place while you chill with your squad.

Morbe Dam