Love Heels But Dread The Pain? Check Out These Super Comfy Pairs From The Shoe Duet

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The Shoe Duet

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Recently launched, The Shoe Duet is the brainchild of a mother-daughter duo who took upon every walking women’s comfort as a mission and developed a wide range of stylish, yet comfortable footwear that comprises heels you can wear for as long as four continuous hours.

What Should I Buy?

The Shoe Duet caters to every kind of a woman who enjoys her heels but doesn’t have it in her to bear the pain. Focused on making heels comfortable both, for working professionals and women who are always on their feet managing a busy lifestyle, TSD has ensured that while providing comfort, they don’t compromise of style. They have launched their first ‘Glitter & Pastel’ collection, which is priced between INR 2,000 to INR 3,500, and include must-haves for party lovers and brides. They also have specially crafted casual affair slip-ons and sequenced footwear which are priced between INR 1,000 to INR 4,500.

These shoes, that are made with super comfy cushion padding, brilliantly unite the comfort and elegance you’re looking for. From regular heels to block heels and platforms {which work fabulously well for those with knee problems}, there’s a wide range to choose from. They retail these shoes through their Facebook page and you can even take an appointment to meet the duo personally and check out their collection.

So, We're Saying...

It’s about time you found your sole-mate, so go ahead and start shopping at TSD. Click here to check out their page or call on +91 98339 70789.


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