You've Got To Go To Pappu Payawala In Sion For Juicy Mutton Paya

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Want to have some fine mutton paya? Head straight to Pappa Payawala, and we guarantee you will thank us for this later.

Chow Down

If you’re looking to be served the best paya in a fancy eatery, then you’re mistaken. Because the nicest paya we’ve tried is at Sardar Paaya House, also popularly known as Pappu Payawala, where ambiance and delicious food don’t go hand-in-hand. Firstly, it may not be very easy for you to locate this tiny eatery if you’re not familiar with the by lanes of Sion Koliwada. So resort to maps to take you till Koliwada, and then adopt the good old method of asking around.

Now, mutton paya is a dish most meat-loving individuals cannot resist. And this this amazingly small and cute eatery, that’s their best and fastest selling item. While not many can match the goodness of the flavours and the way this dish is prepared, they also cannot match the price at which it is sold here – INR 80 for a plate of paya. Yes! It’s that cheap and sinfully good. It may be oily, but good things don’t come that easily, do they? You can also try their mutton curry {INR 90 for half, and INR 120 for full} teamed with rice or their pretty delectable keema {INR 60 for half, and INR 90 for full} with some fresh pav.

So, We're Saying...

If you want to indulge in some good paya for a happy meal, you know where to go. It may not match your standards if you’re looking for an eatery with a good ambiance, but it will satiate your hunger and craving instantly, and that we can guarantee.