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Luxurious View At Its Best Only At The Bayview

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What Makes It Awesome?

The idea of dining at a place like Bayview is far more than to just enjoy the food. It's more of the setup at such an iconic place with a view to die for. A lunch spread always beckoned  me as a patron who would pass by the lighted areas of marine drive so frequently, just that it gets fulfilled a year or 2 later with me and my friend decided to try the brunch set up at this place with a view of busy areas of marine drive and the shore which is loaded with visitors spreading love amongst themselves. (in all right ways). Mrs Lakshmi was the person handling our table and suggested us a drink or 2 which were intriguing and the right mocktail you would have on a sunny afternoon.

The buffet was a lavish spread with primarily some amazing salad spread which caught my attention for all the right reasons. The dessert presentation just forced me to skip all this dining routine and grab some of those but I did manage to control my emotions as was the need of the hour and professionalism maybe. Some of the things that are worth highlighting are:

Zucchini Fritters:- I appreciate a preparation which is fried and when its an exotic vegetable put to test, you should really be the first one to move for it. No surprises it was good. The salads simply got balanced for all the right reasons.

The cheese family:- Edam ball, brie, Gouda and one of my favourite was the emmental cheese which was offered with the biscuit (usually known as the cream cracker for the style of preparation). I went with gouda and emmental , with the latter somehow not as good as Gouda was. Recommended

The healthy way of salads:- There were around 5-6 varieties offered but the best of had to be the Asian cold noodle salad & Pickled vegetable sushi. The sushi with Gari and soy sauce was just perfect for traditional preparation of sushi. The noodles were spicier than you would expect a salad to be but would highly recommend it.

The Russian mushrooms:- The reason I call it the Russian mushroom because of the stroganoff preparation of the mushrooms which was perfect in every possible way. 2 pieces of naan gobbled up in minutes. A must try. 

Loads of dessert to end:- Except for choux puff which was not much to my liking I tasted probably every other dessert in the offering. The macaroon was perfect in presentation and 4/5 for the dessert. 

The chocolate slice, which was the only other eggless preparation which was just too good with the texture, flavour and the thickness of the chocolate infused.

All in all a good experience to say the least.

What Could Be Better?

Probably the options for starters in vegetarian section.

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