Enjoy Yum & Extravagant Dishes With Classy Interiors At Epitome!

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Recently I went to this place during lunchtime. The place is huge with one of the most eye-catching ambiences. They run a theme of Roman architecture mixed with Gothic Art and it surely captivates upon one enters.

We initiated with mocktails i.e. Red alert and Thai Spice. Both were right on sweetness and the interesting part is everything is made from scratch making them a winner. Personally, I loved Thai Spice.

In starters we tried Tempura Asparagus Blue Rice Sushi ) and Cigar Italiano. Sushi was nicely rolled and blue rice gives amazing appeal to the overall dish. You will love the crunchiness of tempura and Asparagus blended with cream cheese and of course wasabi was to the point on pungency level. Cigar dish was relatively subtle on amount of flavours that I expected it to be, could be due to risotto stuffing making it a bit dry but it was well accompanied with spinach dip.

In mains, we had Noodles Epitome and Ricotta Gnocchi. Noodles were wok-tossed Hakka noodles served on top of exotic veggies accompanied with hot Sichuan sauce, pretty decent. The gnocchi was heaven and perfectly made from presentation to taste.

Lastly, we tried Philadelphia Cheese Cake and I can only say one word for it WONDERFUL. I love cheesecakes and I try them at as many places I can. One thing is for certain it was even better than the ones we get at poetry by love & cheesecake personally.