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Ever Layered Your Fragrances? You'll Want To Give It A Try With This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

I'll be honest. I had heard of layering clothes but layering fragrances? Never. And I'm so excited to come across a brand that will allow me to experiment and offers  a new experience in this been-there-smelled-that world. I'm talking about Wisdom Fragrances, a perfume brand based out of aamchi Mumbai. 

Sheetal, the founder has worked with International Perfume Houses across the world and has brought all her years of experience back home to launch a perfume label that is uniquely suited for us - think long-lasting and meant to wear for several hours even in our warmer climate. Each blend is created by her and she currently has three fragrances for men and three for women. What I loved is that each of these fragrances can be used individually or if you buy them as a mini set, they can be worn together and create a fragrance that is uniquely yours. It's all about giving you the option to choose what sort of a mood or occasion you are prepping for. Now as someone who is extremely moody and has 5 different fragrances and another 5 body mists on hand at all times, this sounds dreamy! I personally love pairing a floral dress with a floral perfume or a beachy outfit with an aqua fragrance, so this sort of mix-and-match would give me the option to really find what works for my mood. 

Besides, she's also got home fragrances - candle, room spray and reed diffuser that's created with the same concept - where you can intensify the fragrance based on what you need it for. The spray for a quick touch-up, the candle for a soothing hour and the reed-diffuser for a lingering freshness. 

You can pick up the mini sets at INR 2,500 and full-size perfume at INR 3,500. Their Oudh is priced at INR 3,500 as well. Prices range from INR 2,500 to 6,000 for the complete home fragrance set. Please note these are all Eau De Parfum and not Eau De Toilette so expect potency!

What Could Be Better

We hear these fragrances are pretty heavy and long-lasting. If you prefer a lighter fragrance, these might be on the heavier side for you.


You can shop their range right here on LBB. Don't wait up and shop away.