Have A Macbook? Here's The Protection You {And It} Need

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If you’re prone to dropping things as much as we are, and if you have an expensive Macbook, we recommend covering it up with some extra protection.

Safety First

The first thing we bought for our laptops were these super cute keyboard covers — they take a little bit of getting used to, but it’s worth it.

The second thing were these laptop covers: They’re plastic, but fantastic {sorry}. They come as separates, and some even have matching keyboard covers thrown in. This is the one we bought, for only INR 715, but we also had our eyes on these slightly more expensive abstract one, this super-expensive pretty one and this one that is just too pretty to handle.

So, We're Saying

Splurge a little for a Macbook cover — they’re definitely worth it. If you’re particular about the glowing Apple logo, make sure you get one that doesn’t cover it up.