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    Made in Punjab, Inorbit Mall Malad, Mumbai

    Chef posted on 29 June

    What Did I Like?

    Food and Beverage- Serving authentic Punjabi food in different and fine dine way with few twists and turns. Menu has few of the amazing cocktails which are as usual kind of story teller (Speciality of them). Food has starters, newly added chaat dishes, main courses, desserts etc. Food menu is created to please each category of guests. Few of the dishes are very well known but special twist to it and few are exotic dishes made from regular ingredients. Few of the dishes which we tried are mentioned below.(4.5/5) 1. Jatt risky after Whisky (Cocktail) - A superb cocktail made from egg white, Whisky, apple juice and cinnamon reduction, lemon juice. Served in a big copper glass. A perfect start.(4.5/5) 2. Katta Meetha (Mocktail) - A perfect blend of orange and passion fruit giving a tangy-sweet taste. A Must order refreshing drink to start your meal. (4.5/5) 3. Kesar pista wali Lassi- A kind of welcome drink in Punjabi style. Lassi made and infused with generous amount of Kesar (Saffron), pista and doodh pedha. It was really delicious with dominating flavour of kesar and best part was that it wasn’t too heavy. (4.5/5) 4. Tokri Chaat- A tokri consists of fried potatoes, sev, black chana, green/pudina chutney, tamarind chutney and topped with pomegranate with some sweet dahi drops for plating. A north Indian chaat food can’t be avoided at any stage isn’t it, was very good and tangy enough giving perfect chatpata taste.(4/5) 5. Karara Hatti Paneer- Malai paneer marinated with little spicy desi marination and then crumbed in crushed papad and then cooked. As we know that fresh paneer take hardly any time to cook, this dish gave perfect feel of spicy crust and softer stuffed malai paneer which was melting in mouth.(4.5/5) 6. Saddi Kurkuri- Served in a very nice way, in shot glass, which had sweet chilli sauce on bottom and one thick cigar kept on top. That cigar had stuffing of cheese sauce which was oozing with each bite, had chillies and cigar made from filo pastry and crumbed in sev and then deep fried. Nice and cheesy dish if someone want hot cheesy stuffing inside.(4.5/5) 7. Sarso olive Macchi (starter) - River sole fish marinated in mustard and mustard oil and cooked to the perfection. Topped with more mustard sauce and green olives.(4/5) 8. Burnt Lasooni Tikka (Starter) - A delicious chicken chunks marinated in Indian spices and dominating taste of garlic. Kabab was topped with chopped burnt garlic.(4/5) 9. Kalmi Kabab (Starter) - Hydrabadi cuisine delicacy served with bone chicken marinated in creamy and more fragrant masalas and cooked to the perfection. We nailed this dish to be honest. Strongly recommended.(5/5) 10. Mutton seekh kabab- Super moist and juicy seekh kababs served with burani dip which had dominance of garlic. A must order dish for sure.(5/5) 11. Maa ki daal (Main course) - This is one of the most favourite and popular delicacy from Punjab, and honestly my favourite too. Black daal cooked on slow heat for long hours and then cooked with lot of butter, garlic flavour, tomato paste, cream and good amount of powdered roasted kasturi methi. It was simply delicious. I am sure you all would love it, order it for sure.(5/5) 12. Lasooni palak Chenna (Main course) - Chenna is made by curdling the milk and then straining it so that excess water if drained. Here they tossed chenna and spinach in garlic to give that perfect sweet, tangy taste and then dish was garnished with fried curry leaves. Balanced tempering of garlic was key here.(4/5) 13. Butter Chicken (Main course) - A perfect Butter chicken with chicken chunks and creamy tomato based gravy which was flavoured with kasturi methi. Do Ineed to say anything about this classical dish?(4.5/5) 14. Nalli Hardkaur (Main course) - Ha ha ha, nice name isn’t it? Yes its nalli nihari in their own way. Meat was perfectly cooked and was melting in mouth. Gravy was delicious but felt it was little thicker than it should be. In all was good.(4/5) 15. Naan, Kulcha, Roti, aloo Kulcha (Indian Breads) -A perfect must order Indian breads with delicious main courses. Naan in particular I loved it. Aloo kulcha had generous stuffing inside, and was nice and heavy. (5/5) 16. Ras Malai (Dessert) - Ohh yes that my most favourite dessert in Indian cuisine. A perfect finish to a perfect meal on a special evening. Yes in did, was super delicious and less sweet which was even better.(5/5) 17. Crispy Jalebi with Rabdi- Served in a margaritaglass with delicious (perfect consistency) Rabdi on base and topped with crispy jalebi. A perfect jalebi-rabdi combination. One of the must order dish from them.(5/5)

    What Could Be Better?

    They have everything perfectly managed and always recommend to each foodie.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    ❖ Location- Inorbit mall of malad can be said one of the oldest mall in Mumbai. To be honest it is always crowded and ever happening though it is old. 2nd floor of the mall has food court so Made in Punjab is just in front of the 2nd floor.(4/5) ❖ Theme- As we know Massive group/ Zorawar Karla sir has always come up with something different than normal restaurants. Here as well they have brought authentic Punjabi cuisine with a lovely twist. Serving it in more finer and superior way. (4.5/5) ❖ Ambience- Being in mall the outlet is not very big like other outlets of them. Normal couches and chair sitting with arrangements for big tables and normal tables for 2-4 covers too. I felt here they have kept very minimal and regular interiors compared to outer places of them. (3.5/5) ❖ Staff- Staff of Massive group of Restaurant has always impressed me with the highest service standards they provide. Super helping nature, very good understanding of the food and beverage they serve and quick reflexes is what impressed me the most.(5/5)

    Anything Else?

    To sum up- As we all know Mr. Zorawar Karla always come up with something huge and out of the box, here as well they have thought little differently and twisted few of the authentic food dishes in fine dine and eye appealing way. This restaurant is all about satisfying cravings of each and every guest who enters inside.Service, food and managements dedication/efforts all these things are ticking here I felt. A must visit restaurant for each and every food lover and I am sure this restaurant is one of the most favourite restaurant of many foodies. All the best to you guys and this will be one of my favourite restaurants now onwards. ❖ Quick Review- • Location- 4/5 • Theme- 4.5/5 • Ambience- 3.5/5 • Food- 4.5/5 • Beverage- 4.5/5 • Staff- 5/5

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