Baklava Lollipops & 11 Types Of Hummus: Been To Maffy's Yet?

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What Makes It Awesome

Are you someone who lives for Middle-Eastern cuisine? Then we have good news for you! Colaba has a restaurant by the name of Maffy's, that's all about flavours from Istanbul and Jeddah. And you're going to love gorging on the variety that they have.

At this restaurant, it’s all about the little details. And it skillfully puts together its Mediterranean, Indian, and Middle-Eastern culinary experiences that you can savour while you enjoy the sea-facing view that the restaurant offers. The interiors are colorful, and charismatic, with a floral-patterned ceiling, which is coupled with blue and white Mediterranean style wall plates and decorative murals to create a warm, distinct indoor experience.

Start with their signature Hummus, in which they (of course) have a plethora of options. We'd suggest you order for the smoky cauliflower hummus (INR 325), or the pulled chicken hummus (INR 350). In case you're health-conscious, their 'Oh Morocco' salad, for INR 375, is for you. Salads, in general, are an important part of Arabic meals, and the ones at Maffy's are both fresh, and delicious. This salad is an amalgamation of spinach, crunchy and spicy oats and feta cheese. 

Now for satiating your sweet-tooth, you can blindly trust the huge flair of Middle-Eastern desserts that this restaurant has to offer. There's a classic Baklava lollipop (INR 450) that you must try. It's garnished with rich dry fruits, and a phyllo pastry, and is served as a popsicle. *sigh!*

We've given you enough deets to plan a trip to SoBo and hog to your heart's content! So you better make a visit soon. 


The desserts (all of them) are pure delight. Make sure you order for at least two of them.