Got Maggi At Home? Here Are 12 Innovative Dishes To Make This Winter

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Maggi has been our go-to snack (even meals and supper!) since time immemorial. While the original recipe is close to our heart, the same thing can get tedious and a tad boring, especially when you want that something more during the winters! So, we've got some ways for you to jazz up your bowl of happiness. From desi twists to gourmet overhauls, here’s what you can do with your Maggi, other than adding the usual cheese, butter and veggies.

Korean-Style Maggi

Make your normal Maggi.

Take another container and add oil, chillies, onions, ginger-garlic paste and two eggs (let it cook a bit). Then, add in Schezwan sauce, soy sauce and any chilli sauce of your liking.

Scramble your eggs with or without veggies. Mix in your noodles and you got yourself some Korean Maggi! 

LBB Tip: Their Fusion variant (Hong Kong/Bangkok/Singaporean) works wonders for this recipe.

Punjabi Tadka Maggi

Make your classic Maggi without the tastemaker and add in your favourite veggies (we add onions, bell peppers and corn).Once they are cooked, keep it aside.

In another vessel, heat some butter, add chopped garlic and two dry red chillies (for one packet) on a low flame. Add in some red chilli powder to the tadka and let it simmer for a minute.

Bring back the boiled Maggi to the flame, add the tastemaker, maybe some pav bhaji masala and garam masala to the noodles. Mix it, turn off the flame and add the tadka to the cooked Maggi. And your Maggi is ready!

Cheesy Italian Maggi

No, you don’t just put grated cheese on top when it’s done.

Add a big spoon of butter and drizzle one spoon of oil in a steel vessel on low flame. Sautee finely chopped garlic and onions till they are transparent. Add in veggies (or chicken even) and saute.

Once soft and cooked, add in 1.5 cups of milk and stir continuously. Grate in your cheese (how much ever you want) and keep stirring.

Once the cheese melts and mixes, make your Maggi in this vessel without adding any water or the tastemaker. Add chilli flakes, oregano, black pepper powder and salt. We suggest you get this seasoning from Orika.

Once it starts boiling, add in the tastemaker and stir. Keep it on low flame for two minutes and you’re done! 

LBB Tip: This goes great on toast as well!

Maggi Omlette

Crack three eggs with chopped onion, tomatoes and coriander and add salt to taste. Whisk it keep aside.

In a heated pan with oil, add some chillies, bell peppers and corn and cook for a minute. Add 1.5 cups of water and your Maggi. Once cooked, add the tastemaker and mix.

Remove half of the Maggi portion and spread the rest evenly to pour in 3/4th of the egg mixture. Put the other half of the Maggi on top and pour the remaining mixture.

You can also grate cheese on top. Let it cook for five minutes, flip the omelette on a plate and you got yourself a yummy 2AM snack!

Maggi Pizza

Yes, it’s possible and not that difficult (plus surprisingly tasty!).

Buy the atta version for this one, as your Maggi is going to be the base for the pizza. Cook your Maggi normally (don’t put too much water). Add cornflour to the cooked Maggi and mix it in well.

Take your pan out and heat oil to put the Maggi. You can practice with smaller bases and then make a bigger pizza one. 

Flip it, and keep the pan on low flame. Add your sauce base, veggies/ chicken/ paneer with cheese grated generously. Cover the pan and you got your pizza ready. Don’t hate it until you try it!

Maggi Pakodas

Make your usual Maggi and keep it aside. In another bowl, add finely chopped/ grated cabbage and carrots, sliced onions, capsicums, spring onions, chillies and ginger garlic paste. Add red chilli powder, chaat masala and mix.

Add 3/4th cups of besan (gram flour) and 1/4th cup of cornflour to the same and mix well without adding any water. 

Add in your cooked Maggi to this mixture, two tablespoons of rice flour and mix gently without mashing your Maggi. Once combined, make small balls and deep fry it in hot oil till it turns golden.

Maggi Bhel

This will kill all your cravings at once.

Heat up a kadhai, add crushed Maggi (without the tastemaker or water) and add one tablespoon of oil to fry it gently on medium flame until it turns golden and stir continuously.

Take 1/3rd cup of water and add it to steam the mixture (do not put too much water in!) and quickly cover the kadhai for two minutes.

Take out the Maggi into a mixing bowl and add finely chopped onions, two small tomatoes and coriander (chopped), one chopped chilli, oregano and chilli flakes. Add salt (as per taste) and squeeze in lemon and combine it together and your bhel is done! 

Here’s a guide.

Maggi Bread Pockets

Make your Maggi the usual way. Take some bread, cut off the edges and thin out the bread with a rolling pin (belan).

Place the Maggi in between the bread, add some grated cheese.

Create a paste of maida (flour + water till you get a creamy consistency) and apply it on the edges of the bread. Fold the bread to make a pocket and pinch the endings so that the filling doesn’t come out.

Deep fry your Maggi in hot oil (two pockets at a time) till they are golden brown and serve. 

Here’s a guide.

Maggi With Cheese And Crackers

Make Your Maggi the usual way and add it as a topping on some crackers.

These can be any crackers (we recommend these gluten free ones from Mo's Bakery): ragi based, with flax seeds or any other cracker. Sprinkle on some cheese, oregano and you got yourself a filling snack.

You can also add it on bread like this recipe here.

Maggi Bread Rolls

Have some bread which is going to expire soon? Use it in this easy-to-make recipe which is surprisingly very tasty.

Add some cheese to your usual Maggi recipe and set it aside. For the bread, cut off the crust and flatten the bread a bit with your rolling pin.

Tuck in some Maggi and roll up the bread gently but tightly. Seal it with your flour and water mixture and bake it with butter brushed on top. 

Voila, you're set with a masterpiece. 

Soupy Noodles

We’ve had our whole soupy noodle obsession years back, but we found a recipe which actually does it correctly. Try these soupy noodles for days when you want a warm hug and a break from the lockdown loneliness. Not to mention, it is super easy to make with Maggi.

Heat two tea-spoon olive oil along with garlic, onion and spring onion, all finely chopped. Furthermore, add corn, capsium, peas and carrots (broccoli if you're up for it). Mix well till the veggies are cooked partially. Now, add three cups of water and to the mixture and let it boil. 

Add maggi tastemaker along with noodles and let it cook. Mix well. 

Lastly, add half a tea-spoon pepper, two tea-spoon soya sauce and one tea-spoon vinegar. Mix and you're done!

Have this as is or with a side of egg fried rice.

Asian Maggi Salad

If you’re looking to save some of the tastemaker for later, make this Asian Salad with the noodles. We prefer Maggi noodles over the other store ones because it is almost always available everywhere. You can experiment with your salad dressing (we suggest these from Arugula & Co). Get creative and add any condiments you like. However, if you want to make the one we prefer, here's what you need to do!

Mix soy sauce, olive oil, vinegar, sesame oil and sugar and keep aside in a bottle. 

On a seperate pan, add the crumbled noodles, add the seasoning and mix well. Bake at 160 degree celsius for about eight minutes.

In a seperate bowl, (the best ones are here) add julienned carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts (if available) and spring onions. Empty the pan of baked noodles into this bowl and sprinkle sesame seeds over the mixture. 

Drizzle the salad dressing from the bottle over the bowl, mix and enjoy!

Here's a guide.


Maggi is good, yes but if you can have something just as tasty, probably even better and much more healthier, why not?!

These are some fine alternatives to maggi that are totally drool worthy.