Go All Out: Enjoy A Luxurious Stay At This Swanky Villa With A Mountain View

    What Makes It Awesome

    We've all been on the hunt for a great place to visit on the occasional long weekend, or even just a normal weekend. A quick trip to the mountains (or hills) or just a seaside escape sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Well right now, we've got a seaside escape with a mountain view, so it's the best of both worlds. Magnolia Villa's in Alibaug, in the Chondi region, to be precise. 

    When you think of luxury, this is what comes to our mind - palatial rooms, a garden view, a gorgeous pool, antique furniture carefully planned for every nook of the house, a terrace, a blooming garden, and yes, absolute serenity. Magnolia Villa is all of this. Classy yet understated, you can picture yourself in the pool under a canopy of trees, spend a lazy afternoon on the swing at the patio, or just enjoy the balcony with a hot cuppa tea and your favourite book. The villa is the perfect place to let you escape into a world of your own, where siesta plays a key role and unwinding is second nature.

    If you want to head out exploring, you can visit Kolaba Fort in the vicinity, or even Vrindavan Farms and the Kanakeshwar Forest. The nearest beach, Awas, is around ten minutes away from the villa. And, there are a lot of interesting eateries around for you to check out. There are four bedrooms that can accommodate a maximum of 10 people. The current price for ten people is INR 24,500 per night, excluding taxes. 


    The villa is also said to have two friendly furry residents, but you aren't allowed to take your own pets here. 

    Please Note: Prices mentioned at the time of writing this article will vary over time and seasons. Please make sure you contact the host for any updates on availability and prices.