Maharashtra Under Lockdown & Curfew Till April 30: Here's All You Need To Know

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In the last few weeks, India has seen a huge spike in Covid cases. Maharashtra, particularly, has hit the roof with more than 5 lakh active cases alone, as of April 5, 2021. According to the Centre, eight of the top 10 worst-affected districts in India are from Maharashtra. The State Government had imposed curfew in the State from 8PM to 7AM since March 27, but the never-ending surge in cases has forced the government to make stringent laws to curb the graph. Maharashtra will now have weekday curfews and weekend lockdowns till April 30. Here's everything you need to know about what's allowed and what's not. Brace yourselves, and read on! 

What's On Pause

- Gardens, beaches, and public places to remain shut completely on weekends, and from 8PM to 7AM on weekdays. 

- Shops, markets and malls to remain shut (except the shops that come under essential services) 

- Private offices will have to work from home. 

- Drivers, maids, and cooks will not be allowed to enter the premises of the society on weekends. They're only allowed on weekdays, during non-curfew hours. 

- No weddings to be hosted on weekends. One can host weddings and other functions with a 50% capacity, during non-curfew hours only. 

- Gyms and indoor sports clubs to be shut. 

- Housing societies with 5 or more Covid cases to be declared as a mini containment zone, and violation of rules can lead up to a fine of INR 10,000.

- Theatres and amusement parks to be shut, but cinema and serial shooting with limited capacity is allowed during non-curfew hours on weekdays.

- Restaurants and bars will be completely shut, but deliveries and takeaways will be allowed. 

- Religious places to be shut.

- Salons and beauty parlours to be shut.

- No political rallies to be allowed.  

What's Allowed (But with Conditions Applied)

- Essential services like medical shops, diagnostic centers, health services, cargo services, IT services, groceries, dairies, vegetables, and petrol pumps to be allowed to function during non-curfew hours as well as weekends. 

- Flights, trains, buses, and auto-rickshaws to continue services but only with 50% capacity. Rickshaws should not seat more than 2 people. A fine of INR 500 will be imposed on violators. 

- Government offices, except public health dept, medical education dept, and disaster dept, will work to 50% capacity. 

- Development, construction, and agricultural work to continue. 

- E-commerce to continue operations without any restrictions. 

- State/Interstate travel is allowed only if there is a boarding pass/ticket available as proof of journey. 

- Staff that may be used for conduct of exams must be either vaccinated or should carry a negative RT-PCR certificate, valid for 48 hours

- Vaccination centres will be allowed to operate 24/7. 

Don't Miss This!

Food delivery giants Zomato and Swiggy have stopped accepting orders from Monday to Sunday post 8PM. They are sending in-app messages about not being able to deliver to your location. Their deliveries in Mumbai will only take place from 7AM to 8PM (basically, only during the non-curfew hours) So make sure you order your food in advance! 

To read the official order from Maharashtra Government, head here