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Chicken Vada Pav For INR 20, Mutton Khichda For INR 30: This Khao Galli Is A Meat Eater's Dream

    Mahim, Mumbai

    You may have passed this lane a million times, but did you know that galli opposite the Mahim dargah {the one next to Midland} cooks up delicious food every day? We decided to spend an evening there and here’s what we got {before you start reading let us make it very clear, we returned as happy people after all the eating}.

    Khichda, Baida Roti And Seekh Kebabs

    To start with, khichda is a dish we truly, truly love. This slow-cooked meat preparation is hard to master, so when we did try it at the Raees Kebab Corner, priced at INR 30, we honestly didn’t expect it to be as good. The meat was well-cooked, and the flavours in the khichda were just right. The fried onion, mint and lemon garnishing enhanced the taste of this dish. This stall is also very famous for its baida roti, and watching its preparation is an experience in itself. Priced at INR 40, the baida roti is extremely heavy and greasy, so in case you feel like you haven’t consumed enough calories in a day, you know where to go. This stall has been around for 70 years, and the kebabs they sell here are the best on the street. So do try their chicken and beef seekh kebabs priced at INR 100 and INR 80 per plate.


    There are many stalls that sell shawarma in the ever-so-crowded street, and after trying a couple, we zeroed in on KGN, a small stall which many visitors swear by. Their well-stuffed chicken shawarma is truly delicious, and is available with three kinds of bread – chapatti {INR 60}, pita {INR 70} and doughnut bread {INR 80}. So select the base you want and start eating.

    Apple And Mango Juice

    We’ve never ever had juice as tasty as this at a roadside stall, as we did at Bismillah Juice Centre. Priced for INR 20, the apple juice, which is basically juice from fresh apples mixed with milk and ice, with some kesar and grated apple on top is simply divine. It’s the perfect palate cleanser between the many food items you will eat during your food trail. We also loved the mango juice, which is made using mango syrup {fresh mango during the season} and is another steal for INR 20.

    Chicken Vada Pao And Beef Kebab

    We had this at the Baba Shawarma and Kebab Corner. As the name suggests, the chicken vada pav {INR 20} is the non-veg equivalent of the regular vada pav, and here, the chicken pattice is stuffed in the bread. While we didn’t take much of a fancy to it, the beef kebab pav {INR 10} was what we truly enjoyed. Go here if you’d like a quick snack.

    Halwa Parantha

    A popular dish on this street, the sooji halwa and parantha combination is actually quite interesting. Go to Leslia’s small stall located very close to the juice centre, and gorge on some sweet goodness which is available for INR 30.

    Firni, Aflatoon And Roat

    If you haven’t eaten at Usman Suleman – irrespective of the khau galli tour – you’re missing out on something amazing. Known for their excellent mithais, this sweet shop has been around for decades. When you’re here, eat the firni without fail {INR 30} which is extremely tasty and easy on the stomach. You must try the aflatoon {INR 200 per kg} here and we swear walking will be difficult after that because its just so heavy. Also, do not miss out on the roat {INR 260 per kg}, an amazing mawa cake kind of a dish made using rawa, eggs, mawa and dry fruits. It will take you back to your childhood, we promise. You can also try the chilgoza ki barfi, anjeer barfi, walnut and honey barfi among other mithais.


    Is it even a trip to Mahim without having a glass full of really loaded falooda? Well, you won’t regret this heavenly combination of vermicelli, milk, kulfi and dry fruits from Baba Falooda. We had the Baba Special Falooda for INR 100, and no jokes, we struggled to finish it simply because it’s so heavy. But there was goodness in every sip and was the best end to our long food journey.


    There’s also a lot of chaat on the street, so if you’re in the mood for some delicious dahi vadas, you’ll find them in plenty here. The stalls start opening around noon and are open till midnight, but we suggest you go here in the evenings. Avoid Thursday nights since the street is doubly crowded at that time.
      Mahim, Mumbai