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Bratwurst & Doner: A New Bandra Eatery Is Serving Authentic German Street Food

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Say hallo to a spanking new German joint in Bandra – Mahlzeit, which promises to calm down your midday hunger pangs with authentic German grub.

Grab The Grub

Mahlzeit, if you open the web dictionary, states that it’s a Germanic greeting to wish one a happy meal. Bandra’s newest eatery doesn’t just give you the greeting but the food too.

Mahlzeit is a small joint that has just opened round the corner in Bandra, after being popular with the people in Pune. This newly opened space has a lot of German street food to offer.

With different wurst sausages up for grabs, there’s something for everyone – even vegetarians. They have, on their menu, a bratwurst hot dog with delish caramelised onions and pickles, a coilwurst made using pork sausage and even a veggie one made from soy and served with a sprinkling of fries.

P.S. It’s not just a sausage fest. Other items include burgers, doner kebaps {delicious bread mixed with special sauces, a filling of either veggies or meat and salad and even

What we love more than anything is that there’s a separate section called Potatoes, upgrading the delish staple from a side dish to a main. They have something called a bratkartoffeln {buttered potato slices with pepper and parika}, pommes frites {or like the Belgians called it – french fries}, a saucy french fry variant, and fried potatoes which is served with fried eggs.

So, We're Saying...

We’re hoping to check out the place asap, and fill our stomachs with some german grub.

Mahlzeit to you! And see you there.