Joining The Gym? Suit Up With These Steals Under INR 500 On Hill Road

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‘If only I had the right outfit, I would totally workout.’ Sound familiar? While we’ve often used just how expensive workout attire can be {is Da Da Ding supposed to be the noise of a cash register?}, that excuse is no longer valid. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite shops to hit for workout wear, so that we can hit the gym right after in style.

Running Pants

They’re comfy, stretchable, come in a combo of dark and sober colours, and start at INR 200. They come in full length as well as three-fourths. We’ll wear them for when we want to ditch our Nikes for a brisk walk in the park or the pavement.

Where: Touch Me Ladies Western Outfit

Price: INR 200 upwards

Sports Bras

Sports bras galore at Hill Road with all the prints, cuts and styles one can imagine them in. From racerbacks to cross overs to sensual-looking dance tops, you’ll find everything here. We tried a few and the fittings are on point too {you might have to scour a bit if your bust size is on the heavier side, though}.

Where: New Version Ladies Wear

Price: INR 150 upwards


If you like ditching pants {team no pants 4 lyf}, the cycling shorts we found are a great way to say bye to humidity. What’s more? You can watch your legs get in shape while you sweat it out on a cycle or treadmill.

Where: Young Lady

Price: INR 150 upwards


A top can make or break your workout session so we went hunting for comfy ganjis that provide ample support and allow ventilation. These came in cotton, lycra and combed cotton and satiated our thirst for variety with colours.

Where: Touch Me Ladies Western Outfit

Price: INR 150 upwards


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