Subway No More: Make Your Own Gourmet Sandwiches At This Store

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Right beside Mark’s Cold Storage on Pali Mala Road lies A Saluti, a gourmet world food store owned by Milanda Jagtiani.

What To Buy

If you’ve always just bought mozzarella or gouda, head to A Saluti to expand your horizons. There’s cream cheese from Germany at INR 190, cow log cheese at INR 220, provolone dolce from Italy at INR 210, chevre with herbs or paprika at 295.

When it comes to meats, they have a separate section dedicated to each kind. You’ll find turkey, pork and chicken lined up neatly in their display. Unlike cold storages that fume with meat smell, A Saluti is a lot neater, organised and helpful when it comes to making a choice {we blame the variety}. There’s Salami Napoli from Italy at INR 300, chorizo salami from Spain at INR 280, speck ham at INR 420, truffle salami at INR 350, black forest ham from Germany at INR 390.

Have you always been looking for the perfect ingredients to cook up a gourmet meal for your beloved but always end up using Amul cheese in the end? Or if you’re an expat in the city and miss home quite often, A Saluti will transport you back.

A Saluti also has a cute cafe with two-three tables lined up for you to have a coffee or nibbles. They also let you make a sandwich from the exotic meats they’ve imported. It’s like a gourmet Subway, with better meat choices.

So, We're Saying...

If you’ve always gone to a Nature’s Basket or a Hyper City in hopes of finding that exotic cheese or ham and haven’t found it yet, head to A Saluti. Also, their eclairs {it’s a mini portion at INR 50} are some of the best in the city.