Nailed It: Build A Drone, A Robot, Or 3D Print One At The Maker's Asylum

    Andheri East, Mumbai


    Thinkers, makers, creators, gather around. The Maker’s Asylum is the collaborative work-space to be at for those bent on creating new and exciting things.

    Imagination, Life Is Your Creation

    Here are the details. This is a creative space especially equipped with tools, technology and labs for working on hardware, design, ideas and potential projects. It is for designers, engineers, architects, creators, healthcare professionals, musicians, really, attaching a designation is only a limitation.

    If it sounds a tad vague to you, the resources available here are 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, electronics lab. There are all the prototyping tools needed for different skills such as robotics, bicycle-building and repair, woodworking, or open source computer-aided design.

    But I Need Help!

    Don’t we all? Existential crises aside, the Maker’s Asylum in Andheri is not just for the experienced, but for beginners willing to learn too. For this very reason, every few days they have specific workshops and classes by local makers who either give a training in using specific tools, or in creating a final product that you can show off back at home.

    Types of classes offered are drone-making {and flying}, laser-cutting, 3D printing {creating a 3D object using a computer}, among others. These are really interesting, very ‘futuristic’ technological skills that one will get the opportunity to learn. They have a space in Delhi too.

    So, We’re Saying…

    Keep the phone aside for a few hours, and get engaged in learning a brilliant new skill, and get lost in your own world. It is called an asylum for a reason. And who knows, this may be the beginning of something very exciting.

    Read about monthly membership plans here , and upcoming workshops here.

    Price: A workshop starts at INR 1,200. Sometimes it’s even ‘Pay What You Want’.

      Andheri East, Mumbai