Making Fries Is An Art! Get All Kinds Of Fries At This Outlet!

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So here's something innovative with our all-time favourite French fries. The J is all about fries and the amazing innovation may crave you to go again and again.

So having a lot in the menu we tried a couple of them:

BBQ Chicken Fries: Containing Jalapeno sauce and topped with pieces of diced Smoked Chicken Sausage. The best part is the Jalapeno sauce it's just so yummy that the normal fries become something different and mouthwatering.

Angry Birds Fries: Having 3 Chicken Nuggets along with Chilli Garlic Sauce and our favorite Jalapeno sauce. This has the spiciness added to it.

We also tried Mayo Chilli Fries, Salsa Cheese Fries(Salsa + Jalapeno Cheese Sauce), Popper & Fries(4 Jalapeno Cheese Poppers + Garlic Mayo Sauce)

All this followed by a perfect thirst-quenching Lemon Iced Tea.
You can try veg part of the menu. It also contains some amazing innovative.