Malvan Tadka: A Great Place To Try Authentic Malvani Food In Thane

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What Makes It Awesome?

Malvan Tadka is a great place to visit if you love Malvani food.
Located in Thane, this place is just a haven for seafood lovers
The ambiance is amazing their attention to details very good, all decoratives lighting even cutlery compliments the Maharashtra theme, they also have Marathi songs in playing inside the restaurant.
Staff is very friendly and helpful. They make you comfortable with their jolly attitude

Coming to the food,
Green grass Virgin mojito
It was refreshing and can lift your mood. A great drink to start the meal.

Cranberry twist
Its cranberry drink with some lemon juice, it's a nice combination of sweet and sour. We liked it

Lobster Malvani Tava Dry
Lobster's flesh was sweet and soft and was sorted in coconut and malvani spicy masalas. It tasted heaven and was very flavorful, even the presentation was amazing.
It's a must-try dish if you visit here

Prawns Tawa fry
It was a disappointment as prawns weren't fresh and also they went really harsh on masalas which made it a lot spicier which we aren't used to.

Kombi Wade with chicken curry
This was just perfect ❤️ we tried it for the first time and were in love with this from the very first bite, the chicken was soft and fresh, the curry was rich. Will try it again for sure

Chicken Biryani
Biryani was different from what we are used to eating. They used some different spice and even chicken was super soft, we enjoyed it

Kulfi tasted nice but wasn't that special to justify the price

Ice cream
The Gudbad ice cream was pretty decent

It's a great place to try authentic malvani food, must-visit if you love Maharashtran cuisine

What Could Be Better?

Food quality can be better and also they don't have all deserts available list in the menu

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group