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Choose Between Three Spice Levels For The Mamledar Misal Pav In Thane

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Mamledar Misal is an eponymous eatery in Thane which is small in size, huge on flavour and spice, and you cannot give it a miss{al}.

What Is So Great About It?

Much like Joey’s affection for his sandwich, most Thane residents would gladly take a bullet for this misal pav. If that’s not recommendation enough, listen to this.

The very design of this pav is to test your spice tolerance. You have to pick between three levels – plain, medium and the ultimate jump to double spicy, skipping a level.

We have, in our time, eaten a lot of misal pav, and have heard much about this misav pav, above all. The soupy curry is often what makes or breaks the dish {or the bread}, and that’s what Mamledar hits right on the nail. That, garnished with the right amount of sev, bhujiys and onions and dipped into with a hot pav sounds as good as it’s going to get.

Should We Have Anything Else?

While you are there, why not. Chugging down a buttermilk here will help after this filling meal.

Residents of Thane can order it home through Swiggy here.

Price: INR 65 for a mamledar misal