This Khar Shop Sells Bhut Jolokia, Smoked Pork & More Goodness From The North East



    As we make our way to crowded streets of Khar Danda to look for some fish, we are greeted by a charming store in the bylanes of this charming neighbourhood.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Hian Kamei sits pretty with a dimpled smile at Perfect Marketing – one of the few North-Eastern supplies stores in the city {tell us if you know of any}. When we walked up to him to talk about the store, he gave us an amiable smile and told us that he gets all the supplies fro Manipur, on a cargo.

    Everything from vegetables, toiletries, instant noodles and pickles – you can get a whiff of the mountains from each.

    Want to know our favourite? The smoked pork and dried buffalo meat, available here. There’s also pickled buffalo meat {INR 100}, dried fish {INR 100}, bhut jolokia {INR 100} and bamboo shoot for you to hoard on (just check for the availability).

    There’s also shampoos, soaps and 2-minute noodle brand, MIMI to take home.


    Highly recommended by some chefs we know, this hidden gem needs more attention. The prices are MRP rates even though they're flown from the North East, and the produce is great, as we've tried what all we could lay our hands on.