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Mannrangi Has Killer Modern Indian Food That We Just Can't Get Enough Of

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What Makes It Awesome

Within moments of walking into Mannrangi, we made a beeline for the tables that line the very edge of the building’s glass walls. It’s a space with a view, so might as well take a spot that does the view some justice, no? So that’s what we did. After several minutes of soaking in the glimmery, panoramic view of the suburbs, we finally turned to the interiors - and my, oh, my - if this isn’t the stuff of Desi Decor Dreams, we don’t know what is.

Think colonial-inspired furniture graced with cool blue tones, ameliorated by a handful of chandeliers, for good measure. The space is replete with elements that add subtle touches of elegance, and we loved that it’s perfect for both date night, and fam-dinner night. The bar is long, has lovely high chairs and has beautiful tiling work all across, and the lighting is dim, mellow and soothing.

Once the interiors were observed, we finally got to the food. On the chef’s recommendation, we started off with the Palak Patta Chaat. This one was the perfect (albeit messy) bar eat. More-ish, tangy, and super chatpata. The kind that makes you take multiple swigs of your drinks between bites… Perfect, right?

Speaking of drinks, we sampled the Firangi Tadka, and the Whisky Detox. The Firangi Tadka is a whisky-based wonder which is presented frozen, and it’s got fresh orange pulp and the tangy sweetness of strawberries. The Whisky Detox is a lemony-gingery drink which paired well with the Palak Patta Chaat.

Next up, we moved to the luscious, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of the Sabz Ki Galouti + Ulta Tawa Paratha. We love a good Galouti, and even though this was vegetarian, it ticked all the boxes - soft beyond description, delicately spiced, and sufficiently saffron-ized. The soft Galouti being placed on the teeny-tiny, yet structurally integral, paratha underneath it made it fun to eat. Think of it like a mini pizza!

Next up, we had the (surprisingly delish, might I add) Paneer 65. The cool thing about this one is the fact that it’s made with South Indian spices. We were skeptical at first, but the first bite turned it all around. This Paneer 65 didn’t come slathered in orange and red like the average Chindian starter, but had a lovely rasam-y taste with the pungent flavour of curry leaves sneaking in. It’s hard to explain, but we promise, it works.

Usually, we’re too full to try more than one main, but here, we comfortably ordered (and polished off) two. The first was a Litti Chokha, which was served with two types of sabzis, one potato-based and one aubergine-based. A small vial of ghee is provided, and is subject to your discretion. As a discretionary measure, we doused our littis in ghee before we plunged them into the achaar, chutney and sabzis. #NoRegrets, especially when it’s this delicious.

We then had the Kali Kadhai Paneer with Lachcha Paratha, and it was a classic win. It offered the deep satisfaction that good North Indian food gives, and that’s all we needed to give it the proverbial blue tick. Basically, this is legit!

We ended with The Moong Dal and Dried Fruit Halwa + Vanilla Ice cream, and the Chai + Chai. The former was a study in pairing warm and cool foods - the halwa and and ice-cream are a no-brainer when discussing combinations! The latter had a Chai Biscoot Ice-Cream, and a Masala-Chai spiced chocolate fondant. It was satisfaction on a plate.

Head to Mannrangi when it’s the beginning of the month, and you’re in the mood for something lavish. Don’t wait for a clear day, the view’s killer throughout the year!

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

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